6 Ways to Improve your Leadership Skills

Leaders exist at all levels throughout an organization. While some are in designated positions of authority, others are simply regarded as leaders by their colleagues. It is essential to have people who work hard and know how to effectively motivate and interact with others to boost productivity and performance. As you look to grow and enhance your leadership skills, consider the following:

  1. Always be learning. Leaders are knowledgeable in many areas. You don’t have to be an expert at everything, but make it a point to continually be improving your skills and understanding of various facets of your job. If there is something that you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or more information. Take advantage of professional development opportunities that can benefit you as a leader and a professional.
  2. Earn respect. Good leaders earn respect from those around them. They show appreciation and acknowledgement for the effort and achievements of others. Make the time to listen to what team members have to say and be open to suggestions while addressing matters of concern. Be genuine in your interactions and help to build others up as opposed to tearing them down.
  3. Be a Role Model. Be mindful that everyone watches everything that leaders do. Hence, make sure you set a positive example, becoming someone that others look up to. Model the qualities that you would like to see, including reliably meeting deliverables, and others will be motivated to follow suit. If you are expecting team members to follow certain rules or complete tasks in a specific way, you should be doing the same. Ensure that your words and actions reflect positively on both you and the company.
  4. Delegate and hold others accountable. Try to avoid micromanaging. Leverage others’ strengths and let them take responsibility. There is more than one way to complete a task, so just because they aren’t doing it as you might, does not mean that they are not doing it right. Stay in the loop regarding progress but give employees some leeway and trust that they will get things done. This will also allow you to focus on what you need to get done.
  5. Listen. Actively listen to what others have to say and use their feedback to implement positive changes. Be approachable and genuine to establish an environment of trust and respect. Hear people out before jumping to conclusions and work with them to come to a feasible and agreeable solution.
  6. Provide motivation. An effective leader knows how to motivate and encourage others to promote success. Provide positive recognition for a job well done and recognize people’s efforts. If something is not working well, give constructive criticism and support them in making necessary changes to excel. Make sure that everyone feels included and knows what they are working toward. Ensure that work is challenging enough to keep them engaged but not so difficult that they cannot succeed.

Build a more productive and positive culture in your office by developing your leadership skills. JP Kantor Consulting can guide you through the steps necessary to evaluate your leadership style and develop essential skills to help you thrive and reach the next level in your career. Contact us today to learn more about how you and your business can benefit from executive coaching, management training, professional development, and consulting services.