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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Successful Hybrid Workplace

Packed with practical solutions and strategies, Thrive With a Hybrid Workplace delivers expert guidance on balancing the inherent opportunities for growth with the risks present in a hybrid workplace and shows you how to succeed and THRIVE!

Discover How to Maximize Growth & Minimize Risk

PREP & Policies

Discover the do's and don'ts of implementing a hybrid workplace while proactively avoiding costly mistakes.

7 c's of Leadership

Light the path by focusing on these 7 areas to become a great leader and build interpersonal glue among your employees.

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Bringing it together

Now it's time to connect the dots. Discover how to bring these strategies together to boost productivity in your hybrid workplace.

Creating success

Learn how to align your hybrid workplace culture, processes, and communication and you'll undoubtedly soar to success.

What People Are Saying

Allyn L. Shaw
"A much needed dive into uncharted territory as leaders debate and employees navigate the post-covid workplace. The days of executives looking across the floor counting head as a proxy for productivity and power are over. Julie Kantor and Felice Ekelman are building a new playing field, with new rules, where not just some—but all—people can win."
Allyn L. Shaw
Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo & Co.
Melanie Katzman Headshot
"The book we all need now! For anyone (which these days is almost everyone) who is struggling to survive and thrive in the hybrid workplace, this guide sets you on a path to success. The authors help you align company policy with your values and establish an intentional articulation of the why and where of work."
Melanie Katzman, Ph.D.
#1 Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author; Business Psychologist; Corporate Strategist
Lawrence B Wolfe Headshot
"The authors accurately foresaw that in the post Covid world employees would still expect a hybrid workplace. The book presents an excellent framework for leaders searching for equitable and consistent policies that will benefit all constituents. While the health of our cities depends on a return to the office, the five day commute may be a thing of the past."
Lawrence B. Wolfe
Vice Chairman and Co-Head of Lodging Capital Markets, Newmark
Marnie Black Headshot
"Julie Kantor and Felice Ekelman distill complicated workplace dynamics for both leaders and employees, getting each to see and understand the others’ perspective and, most importantly, motivating all towards action and change. “Thrive with a hybrid workplace” is the ultimate and timely guidebook for all leaders trying to assess the hybrid schedule and parameters that work for their culture and company."
Marnie Black
Executive Vice President, Public Relations, AMC Networks
Brian C Offutt
"Thrive with a Hybrid Workplace is smart, well organized and insightful. Even more important, it's practical. Giving highly relatable, straightforward observations and advice is its super-power. As someone who thinks about the mental health of my colleagues in my day job, and mental health in our society more broadly during my volunteer time, I was particularly struck by the chapters on Compassion and on Wellness and Mental Health."
Brian C. Offutt
Chief Workforce Innovation & Operations Officer, Weber Shandwick


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Meet The Authors

Julie Kantor, PhD & Felice Ekelman, JD

Julie Kantor, PhD

Psychologist, consultant, author and coach

With 25+ years of executive coaching work, business experience, and doctoral education in psychology, Julie dives into the leadership principles necessary to guide your hybrid team to success all while increasing individual and team engagement, wellness, and productivity.

Felice Ekelman, JD

Attorney, Author, Advisor

A Principal and former member of the Board of Directors at Jackson Lewis P.C., Felice breaks down the important policy and legal considerations you’ll need to consider in order to ensure that your hybrid workplace thrives! With practical advice, to guide you each step of the way.

Chapter Preview

Thrive With a Hybrid Workplace

Step By Step Guidance From The Experts

For those companies who seek to be known as a “best-in-class” employer, Thrive Witha a Hybrid Workplace is a must-read for leadership and is a resource that leaders will turn to again and again for encouragement and advice.

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Section 1: Where To Start
Planning and preparing a hybrid work policy includes detailing where and when work is performed, how to identify the best approach and relevant legal issues.
Section 2: Leading Your Team
We'll dive into the 7 C’s of Leadership: Culture, Change, Connection, Communication, Collaboration, Compassion and Coaching
Section 3: Making Hybrid Work
This section details boosting productivity, wellness and mental health issues, and essential components of becoming an employer of choice.
Section 4: Pitfalls & Potholes to Avoid
Legal guardrails for success to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, and avoid risk such as pay equity issues or compliance missteps.


Jay Walker Headshot
"Attorney Felice Ekelman and business psychologist Julie Kantor provide terrific pointers for everyone from CEOs to small team leaders on building a hybrid workplace that is both super-productive and highly supportive. Brimming with insights from companies large and small, ’Thrive’ offers powerful success strategies for today’s blended workstyle culture. Strongly recommended!"
Jay Walker
Chair and CEO of ApiJect Systems, Curator of TEDMED, inventor of priceline.com
Cathy Boeckmann
"This book gets right to the questions every leader I know is wrestling with: should we fully embrace a hybrid workplace? If we do, what should our approach be? The authors offer a practical and refreshing take: hybrid workplaces are the new norm; to make them work, employees need to be listened to and trusted and leaders need to rise to the occasion. I love the clear call to action for leaders and how much support leaders will find here – action steps to guide them through this important challenge, one step at a time."
Cathy Boeckmann
Executive Leadership Coach, Kenning Associates
Duff McDonald
"A clear-eyed effort to grapple with the emerging challenges of the hybrid workplace. No company is average; every company needs to make considered choices about where and when their employees will work in the future. Time and again, the authors remind us of the fact that reconciling and unifying diverse points of view is the key to enlightened leadership. And while there may seem to be a near-infinite array of options, they’re all contained in what a company is and wants to be."
Duff McDonald
author of TICKLED: A Commonsense Guide to the Present Moment
Randy Levine President of the NY Yankees
"Felice Ekelman and Julie Kantor's insight into a post-Covid workplace is insightful, practical, and necessary for managers and executives to consider today. It will help all executives improve their leadership, understanding and communication skills."
Randy Levine
President of the NY Yankees
Lynne Biggar
"Ekelman and Kantor’s practical guide helps leaders through the hybrid work maze to avoid the pitfalls and landmines that could occur if decisions around work are not aligned with company culture and process. They cover the whole employee value proposition, from hiring to talent management to goal setting to leadership training, that will enable a company to grow and thrive in ways consistent with its values and strategies."
Lynne Biggar
Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group, Board Director, and recent global CMO at Visa
Ed Mangis
"This book is a timely Must-Read for all levels of leaders who want to learn how to navigate the new hybrid work world. It provides a practical framework that breaks down the complex challenges every leader faces today. The particular focus on culture (1 of the 7 Cs of Leadership in the book) is an eye-opening, step-by-step guide on how leaders can’t just communicate team values, they must embody them as a leader. Every leader should read this today!"
Ed Mangis
Chief Learning and Talent Development Officer, Havas Health and You

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