With decades of collective business consultation experience among our group, we work with your company to listen, understand your objectives and collaborate with you on strategic changes to facilitate growth.

We offer fully personalized strategies and do not believe in a “one size fits all” mentality. Our consulting services include:

Creating and rolling out a hybrid work program takes planning. We will help you maximize results while minimizing the inherent risk involved with team members being off-site.

  • Define leadership approaches that address issues that can be overlooked or avoided in a full-time in-office work arrangement. 
  • Review of new challenges that arise when moving to a hybrid workplace and how to proactively manage them accordingly.
  • Facilitating a team-change management program
  • Supporting individual change processes
  • Creating new procedures to ensure buy-in and consistency
  • Building integrated teams working at different times and different locations
  • Creating guidelines for new team communication approaches
  • Aligning team around changing modes of collaboration
  • Distinguishing between asynchronous and synchronous work
  • Building processes that facilitate cooperation and productivity
  • Coordinating schedules and styles

Strategic planning is necessary to plan for the future in order to meet goals and grow. We will partner and advise you in creating a unifying plan, including:

  • Defining organizational mission, vision and values
  • Setting priorities and evaluate resources
  • Defining roles and responsibilities; creating processes

In order to increase understanding and facilitate change within an organization, an environment or needs assessment which can provide insights into​:

  • Team leadership, structure and processes
  • Management capabilities
  • Interpersonal dynamics and communication

Team building programs can be used to:

  • Facilitate growth; build morale 
  • Enhance interpersonal dynamics and improve a leader’s effectiveness
  • Increase communication and alignment around mission

As consultants, we facilitate the process for you to reach your goals. Techniques include:

  • Large and small group discussions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Guide productive and at times difficult conversations

As business needs dictate, organizational restructure may be required. We consult with you to assess your needs, generate a new solution and facilitate its roll-out which can include:

  • Advising managers and leaders who are driving 
  • Assessing current state and issues impacting future state
  • Establishing goals and identifying change obstacles

Developing young talent is one of the cornerstones of a dynamic organization. We can create a company-wide mentoring program that includes:

  • Coaching individual mentors on ways to build alliances with individual mentees
  • Heightening awareness, increasing synergy and retaining talented junior people 

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