Motivating Staff to Enhance Engagement and Job Satisfaction

You may have a team bursting with potential at your fingertips, but if you don’t know how to keep them engaged or make them feel valued, you are missing a great opportunity to deliver job satisfaction. When employees enjoy what they do, feel like their voice is being heard, can grow their skills, and know that they are part of something bigger, that is when productivity and performance increase. Capitalizing on your team’s abilities can turn business around for the better. But what can you do to build this type of environment?

Elicit Feedback, Opinions, and Suggestions

Create an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up and sharing their ideas. They are on the frontlines doing the work every day and often have beneficial insight into changes that would support them in doing their job or improve client relations. Give them a way to express their opinions and feedback and know that it is valued and under consideration. Implementing their suggestions can positively influence culture.

Align Job Tasks with Interests

Employees may not enjoy every assignment they are tasked with, but get to know their strengths and interests. They are more likely to put forth better effort on things they find interesting and slightly challenging. Give them room to grow and develop their skills in areas where they show potential. Offer diverse training and professional development opportunities that would be beneficial.

Provide Praise and Recognition

We can all benefit from a kind word now and then. Make it a point to provide regular praise and recognition to individuals and groups. Be specific and genuine. Rather than a vague, “Nice job,” let them know exactly what they’re doing well. Maybe it was going above and beyond with a client, pointing out a potential problem, or closing a tough deal. This can boost employee satisfaction because they feel more valued and know that their efforts are not being overlooked.

Set Clear Expectations and Vision

Ensure that everyone knows what is expected from them and are held to the same standards. While you don’t want to micromanage, having a solid structure in place can keep things on track and focused. Make sure that employees see how their contributions fit into the bigger picture and know what they are working toward.

When employees are engaged and satisfied with their job, they become a stronger part of the overall team. They are willing to step up and put forth the extra effort to get a project done. Their day is not mindless and unfulfilling. Instead it keeps them motivated and striving to do their best. Leaders need to stay abreast of the dynamics of the office environment and be continually evaluating and making improvements where necessary. Don’t assume that just because employees show up every day and get their work done that they are content or engaged. Develop ways to measure satisfaction and areas that may be lacking.

If your team is just getting by instead of thriving, consider how you can boost their efforts and satisfaction. The professionals at JP Kantor Consulting can help to you to take a closer look how you operate and ramp up your interactions and processes to create a better work environment. Through tailed coaching, management training, and consulting, we can help you take your office to the next level and get the most of out of your team. Contact us today to get started.