Looking for an inspirational session? With speaking engagements including keynotes, townhalls, offsites, or interactive meetings, Julie takes participants on a journey to inform and motivate.

After one session, participants walk away with tangible takeaways and the motivation to change.

Bespoke topics are grounded in the changing world of work, work-life integration, and maximizing individual potential. Sample topics are:

Work lives and personal lives are blended like they have never been before.  Maintaining effectiveness in all arenas of our lives requires:

  • Clarifying the demands of the different parts of your life
  • Reviewing values and priorities to align balance and productivity
  • Creating boundaries to decrease stress and deliver more
  • Being the best leader, partner, employee, parent, teacher, friend,  teammate, child, mentor, spouse, etc.

Employees and teams generally bring their ‘whole-selves’ to work. Hence, expanding their leadership skills in order to connect and motivate their team.  New skills are:

  • Empathy and the power of listening
  • Sympathy can lead to connection and satisfaction
  • Compassion provides support, drives engagement and enhances productivity

Hybrid workplaces require individuals and teams to collaborate in new ways.  With care and planning, collaboration breeds success. It requires:

  • Developing commitment and connection to coworkers
  • Guidance and alignment in ways to communicate
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Becoming an integrated team, stiving to achieve excellence and maximize productivity

Working from a remote location, sitting on a zoom call, sending emails, or sharing a google-doc; connect work, but don’t connect people.  Building interpersonal glue requires effort, yet has boundless benefits.

  • Building connections to enhance satisfaction and productivity
  • Growing relationships at work to keep you growing
  • Gaining support creates alignment with others
  • Interpersonal glue can make you flourish

In the integrated world with multiple and sometimes conflicting demands, physical and mental wellness are essential. Self-care is required to navigate complex worlds. Your oxygen mask requires:

  • Reflecting on the complexities of your life
  • Appreciating self-care is essential and not selfish
  • Learning new strategies of self-care
  • Building a personal wellness ‘toolbox”

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