Strategies for Reducing Stress and Tackling Projects with Confidence

Everyone experiences some amount of stress in their day. A little bit of stress can actually provide motivation and keep you pushing forward. On the other hand, too much stress can have a negative impact and affect productivity, performance, and overall health. It is important to recognize when you are becoming overly stressed and wearing yourself down so that you can implement strategies to help achieve better balance.  Consider these tips when focusing on reducing stress and becoming more productive.

  • Prioritize Tasks

It is not unusual for employees to be working on multiple projects simultaneously. The key is to effectively prioritize tasks so that those that are most urgent are completed first, while other less time sensitive tasks can be rescheduled if necessary. Keep deadlines in mind and try to estimate approximately how long each task will take. This can help you to better organize your day and allot your time to reduce pressure.

  • Learn to Say No

Know your limits and what you can realistically handle. If you are already feeling overwhelmed, and your boss asks you to take on an additional project, do not just accept the work and hope for the best. Rather than accepting work that cannot be completed on time, your boss will prefer you being honest about any difficulties and your workload. After a candid conversation, your boss can help in prioritizing or generating alternatives for completing the work.

  • Break Down Projects

When tasked with a large project, break it down into more manageable parts. Set deadlines for yourself as to when you will have each portion completed so that you stay on task and are not feeling rushed at the last minute. Tackling tasks in smaller chunks can make them seem less overwhelming and more accomplishable.

  • Delegate

If you are leading a team on a project, learn how to effectively delegate. Utilize each person’s strengths and abilities to enhance productivity and quality and keep things moving. Hold each team member accountable for various aspects of the project so that you can focus on tasks specific to your role that cannot be delegated to others.

  • Resist the Urge for Perfection

While you want to complete a task to the best of your ability, trying to ensure that it is absolutely perfect can add unnecessary stress to your day and is generally unrealistic. Set attainable goals and recognize when things are done right. You may want to spend more time adjusting the look of a presentation, but it may be fine just as it is. If it is a team project, just because your vision of what one part should look does not match someone else’s does not necessarily mean that they are wrong. Be willing to compromise and acknowledge that there is more than one way to do something.

  • Keep a Positive Outlook

Simply being more optimistic and positive about things can help you to feel less stressed and boost your confidence. Have faith in your abilities and that of your team members, including looking for the positives instead of focusing on the negatives. Recognize that some things are beyond your control and choose to focus on that which you can control.

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