Our consultants design, develop, and deliver customized training programs that help your talent function at the highest possible level.

Potential trainings include:

Many people have ‘too much to do, and not enough time to do it’.  We help you:

  • Learn techniques such as prioritizing, evaluating and monitoring urgency
  • Conduct a ‘meeting analysis’ or ‘time analysis’ to determine where time is spent
  • Identify your personal pitfalls and learn ways to overcome them
  • Gain efficacy in how your time is spent

Hybrid work has many advantages and challenges, including different work and personal demands. We help you:

  • Recognizing the Challenges of Balancing Work and Life
  • Being Flexible
  • Respecting Boundaries and Rituals
  • Remembering the Importance of Self-Care
  • Exploring the challenges of meeting deliverables with employee
  • Looking for work-life balance
  • Engaging your team to shift to goals defined as outcomes
  • Identifying and modifying previous assumptions about hybrid work
  • Establishing purposes and objectives
  • Recognizing manager and employee needs
  • Distinguishing between on-going and ad hoc
  • Using different collaboration tools: e.g. Zoom, phone, whiteboards, and in-person collaboration
  • Defining DEI
  • Emphasizing your organization’s commitment to support DEI efforts
  • Understanding and interrupting bias
  • Addressing proximity bias
  • Understanding micro-aggression
  • Finding ways to promote equitable treatment

Our coaches can assist diverse requirements of any presentation in such as:

  • Building self-confidence
  • Organizing content 
  • Leveraging verbal as well as nonverbal communication skills

How you “show up” matters.  We help executives increase their impact on others by honing your ability to:

  • Act like a dynamic force with a point-of-view
  • Feel confident and self-assured
  • Appear with confidence and poise

Successful executives effectively delegate work to others. As such, we can help you:

  • Grow your career by delegating work
  • Empower your subordinates
  • Take on new, higher-level tasks

The world, organizations and individuals are constantly changing.  We help you:

  • Understand the change process
  • Move from being reactive to proactive when dealing with change
  • Make the change work to you to become more productive and joyful

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